Checklists – Self Assessment Return

In order that we may prepare your tax return efficiently and as accurately as possible, we will need the following items:

If you are a Company Director or Employee

  1. Copy of your form P60 supplied by your employer, showing salary and tax deducted for the year.
  2. Copy of your form P11d.  This will be supplied if you have been provided with any “benefits” by your employer.  E.g. Company Car / Fuel, Private Health Care.
  3. Details of any job related expenses paid by you, including any subscriptions to a professional body or trade union.

If you are Self Employed

  1. We will also need all the books and records for the business as listed on Checklist – Accounting Records


And details of any other income received

  1. Amount of Bank interest received and tax deducted, from all bank and building society accounts operated during the year, whether held in your own name or jointly with another party.
  2. Details of any dividends received from Company shareholdings.
  3. Income and Expenditure records in respect of any properties let by you, whether in your own name or jointly with another party.

Possible claim for tax relief

  1. Details of pension contributions paid during the year
  2. Details of any payments made under gift aid.


  1. Total amount of any Child Benefit received by you or your partner for children maintained by you.
  2. Details of any assets sold during the year.  For example, Properties, Shares, Antiques, Art etc.



This list covers the majority of items which may be taxable or on which you may claim tax relief.  It is possible that there may be items not listed which should be declared to HM Revenue and Customs.  If you are in any doubt about any item please let us have full details.